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Nov 16, - According to the TSA—and of course other agencies—images from the Is It This Easy to Pull Straight Nude Pics From Airport Scanners?

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Jan 18, - The Transportation Security Administration is pulling the plug on its nude body scanner program, a decision announced Friday that closes the. Jan 21, - It's not to supposed to show our naked bodies, but that might not be the case. Internal TSA Documents Show Body Scanners And Pat Downs.

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Nov 16, - airport security Nov. Federal agencies have tried to quiet public outcry over TSA body scans by promising that the devices won't store images One Hundred Naked Citizens: One Hundred Leaked Body Scans [Gizmodo]. Nov 16, - TSA Backlash Grows Over Leaked Body Scans, Many Other Scandals the insistence on applying both the basically-nude scans and the invasive "Yes, it's true -- it's not the TSA's fault, all of this airport security craziness.

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Nov 17, - Airport screening: A male airline passenger stands in the controversial body scanner. The TSA has vowed that images are not retained. Nov 18, - Pictures from a scanner in a federal courthouse in Florida have been leaked online. Naked Body Scans Get Posted Online A lot of people despise the idea of the x-ray body scanners in airports, and it's easy to understand why. The TSA has always said these images will never be recorded or.

Airport scan tsa nude leaked

Airport scan tsa nude leaked

Nov 16, - Rumors Fly after Body Scan Images Leaked from Florida Courthouse; TSA Says It Will Never Save Airport Body Scans. These are NOT the same images from the body scanners. are much older and less advanced machines than the ones found in airports today), What really concerns me is that if the TSA even bothered to pretend that they.

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Wired magazine, Airport nude body scanners: What the TSA sees using millimeter wave technology without Automated Target Recognition software (Jan. May 11, - Airport 'naked body scanners': the first leaked images What the TSA probably meant was that the images wouldn't be stored permanently.