The Walking Dead Season 3 Continues To Break Records

Who’d have thought a series about the zombie apocalypse would attract fans and fanatics globally, and continue to break records not just for the AMC system, but for its business. The hit television series, The Walking Dead, is that the tv show that everybody is talking about recently and the popularity keeps growing. Currently in its third season, the series starring lead guy Rick Grimes, is gaining more ground as the evaluations continue to grow. The tv series is in its own mid-season break, and will be set to pick up again this February 10th at which we could expect a massive turnout.

Throughout the first season of The Walking Dead, that just aired 6 episodes, the series dropped 5.24 million viewers over its brief first season. The most viewed episode through season one was that the season finale,”TS-19″, which brought in an estimated 5.97 million audiences. The next season of this series was 13 episodes that was double that season 1. Apart from having more episodes this time around, it had more people also watch the walking dead online. Season 2 averaged 6.91 million audiences and as in the very first year its most viewed episode was the season finale. There was almost 9 million viewers who tuned into see the season finale, “Apart from the Dying Fire”. This was an improvement over the first season, however, the evaluations for year 3 is exactly what would acquire focus.

Season 3 of The Walking Dead has grown to 16 episodes, which can be over the first and second seasons. The next season of this series is proving to be a massive victory for AMC and shows a narrative even about a zombie apocalypse can divide records and compete with all the large networks. The first 8 episodes have aired thus far and the figures are astonishing. Throughout the first half of year 3 the series averaged 10.09 million audiences which easily surpasses the first two seasons. In reality, there were 5 episodes out that the 8 that broke the ten million viewers mark. The season premiere, “Seed”, had 10.87 million viewers making it the most viewed in cable background for a drama show. This is something which AMC likely never anticipated or even dreamed of.

The character battle with Rick and Shane is a Massive theme as Rick copes with Shane who took care of his spouse while Rick has been missing. Shane queries Rick’s direction and finally draws on Rick Who’s forced to kill him. Darrell, plays with the loyal bowman Who’s a natural Survivalist who receives along with Carol who’s also a realist who trains the Children to use firearms. Hershel is a loving farm proprietor and Veterinarian who conserves Rick’s sons life following a shooting accident. His daughter falls in love with Glenn who had been rescued Rick early in the series in Atlanta.

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