Thank You Breakfast Ideas for Your Office Employees

Breakfast is one of the essential meal of the entire day. Skipping lunch or dinner will not be a big deal, if you have proper breakfast. You cannot last the entire day feeling energetic, if you do not have energy. Good breakfast will help you carry throughout the day without giving the fatigue feeling. A good breakfast is always needed for someone who is working.


Moreover, if a company provides breakfast to its employees, it should add to the satisfaction of the employees as well. You do not need to do many different items for breakfast. You need to have simpler and healthy breakfast for your employees. We have laid down several options for it. Please check:

The breakfast-buffet

Not only buffet is easier to handle but also can be hosted for a large group of people. The breakfast buffet can have varieties. Here are few options.


You can never go wrong with juice. Fruit juices are nutritious and are power packed with vitamins and minerals. You can keep assorted juices according to seasonal fruits, to cut down on cost. Nevertheless, you are serving seasonal fruit juice and people will enjoy it for breakfast. However, it is advised not to add any sugar in it. According to recent studies, sugar is white poison and you will not want your employees to have it. You can use stevia or sucralose to sweeten the juices instead.


Needless to say, eggs are nutritious and are great to kick start your day. You can serve any type of omelet. It is light and easy to make. You can also serve other options of eggs along with omelets. Scrambled eggs with butter can be ideal to have with bread. For people who like to have boiled eggs can just keep few boiled pieces for them.

Non-vegetarian items

Fried bacon and chicken salami are enjoyed by most of the people. Not only they are tasty but also one of the healthy preparation of meats anyone can have. It is advised that you must keep an extra supply of the non-vegetarian items little more than serving portion. This is because most people tend to love non-vegetarian items in their breakfast. You can discuss your menu with a corporate catering service to sort it out according to the time of the year and region of your office.

Official meeting breakfast

Admit it, your employees will hate it if they have to come early to office for a meeting. In this scenario, you can have breakfast meeting to boost up their energy and mood. They will also love the gesture and have a nutritious beginning for the day. You can have a breakfast platter for meeting breakfast. In the platter, you can give them bread, omelet, fried bacon, chicken sausages and juices. This platter will be easy and less time consuming.

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