Best Methods That Will Speed Up The Performance Of Windows 7

Microsoft gifted the community with the best performing OS Windows 7. But the user must remember few essential things to allow Windows 7 system to perform efficiently. Apart from that one can also leverage the features of Windows 7 to make it work at its best. Windows 7 activators can help in improving the performance efficiently.

The Performance Of Windows 7

Five Tips For You To Increase Windows 7 Performance

1. Enable the Required System Service

 There are many system services offered by Microsoft that comes along with the Windows 7 OS. Not every service is required. So you must disable those that you won’t require and enable only that is needed. You need not disable altogether but can modify them as well. When this is done the service will not use the system resource and hence the time will be saved by the system to start those services. Remember to download the Windows 7 activators for the best system performance.

2. Have Limited Startup Items

 Windows 7 offers much startup items, and that is not required but only slows down the system speed.  Just open the system tool and check for the software you think is not relevant at the startup and prevent them from getting loaded. Also, you can use msconfig to selectively disable the not required startup items and enjoy a better system speed.

Click Start à Search Box à Type MSconfig.

3. Check On The Spyware And Viruses

You must install an updated and live anti-malware program that can help your system to stay away from spyware and viruses. Bloatload of the spyware will ruin the system performance completely. It is good to use Microsoft Security Essentials to combat spyware. It catches the lousy stuff and takes care not to degrade the system performance. You can try as well.

4. Clean Up Memory

First, know your RAM size. You must ensure the system does not run out of space. You must clear your memory of all unwanted files periodically. Clear all temp files on a daily basis or whenever you use your system. Run a clean disk to remove all stuff from recycle bin, thumbnails, downloaded program files, and temporary file.

 5. Power Settings

The power setting plays a significant role in enhancing the system performance. You must plugin to configure windows seven power plan in such a way that it performs in an optimum fashion. You must follow the steps to view the available power plans. Click Start à Control Panel à Power Options. Select the power plan that is a list in the power option. You can now stay assured on the performance.

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