The place of oldest preservative of culture and heritage

Travel and tourism have become one of the most important factors which always contribute some valuable flow of foreign currency in any country economic growth. Similarly, India the most liked and popular tourist place among the foreigners have made the country to generate valuable foreign currency in their dominance. Thus, recent census says that the travel and tourism sector of the country have boosted the GDP to rise like leaps and bound. Thus, a country, making policies, introducing an online travel portal and scheme to attract more and more travelers mainly for two reasons:

  1.  To protect the interest of the travelers and their likelihood
  2.  To boost the country economically and its GDP

India: Unique and diversity

desert of the Rajasthan

The diversity of people and their culture along with some special preservative of the oldest heritage place makes it as one of the most attractive tourist places for the backpackers. There are a number of places around the country which are significant in its fold, e.g. starting from the mighty Himalayas to the desert of the Rajasthan or the natural beauty of Kerala to the sanctity of Banaras. Every part of the country reflects the true identity of the country, whether its food or its cultural or tradition.

India is the secular and democratic country where people of different culture and tradition have united as one nation. The glorified history and preservation of some delightful ancient monuments or heritage makes India as one of the well-liked tourist hubs. Apart from this, the different language which varies from one state to another is also one of the factors which make it most liked tourist place among the visitors. Not only this, different food habits under the same roof is also a unique and key role in attracting visitors. These diversified features of the country have attracted lots of foreign travelers or visitors in order to make them come across the history of India.

Place to Visit

There is a number of places to explore which fit accordingly with the traveler interest. If someone wants to explore the heritage places of the country, then there are places like Qutub Minar, The Taj Mahal, Red Fort, ancient floral design monuments like Gol Gumbaj etc. If someone wants to explore the sanctity places there are also various like Banaras, Haridwar, etc. Apart from this, the country also offers some of the adventurous halts for the tourist like Trekking, Rafting, in the mountain region of the Himalayan range. The journey does not end here only the various festivals like Pongal in South, Bihu in North East, Navaratri in West and the biggest fair like Kumbh Fair also are some of the attraction points which gain the eyes of the foreigners.

Recent trends in Travel and tourism sector:

Every year after year there has been a considerable increase in the number of foreign visitors. This increase in the foreigner visitors has become a key factor to protect and safeguard the interest of the people. Hence, the GoI has launched some online portals which are playing a key role in protecting the interest of the visitors and also make them feel free and safe from any malpractices. For, any help there is some helpline number are also provided by the GoI. With the help of this online travel portal, the number of hindrances has been reduced and the information regarding the best affordable hotels and travel agency are available at the fingertips. Therefore, by keeping this trend the travel sector is making more effort in the field of digitization to keep the demand and interest of the visitors unaffected.

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